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Saturday, November 19, 2011
The trouble of makeup brushes
Trouble cleaning your makeup brushes? Buying makeup brushes cleaners can just be an option!
Oh yes! you can make use of those cleansers you have at home as a substitute :)
Here's how:

You'll need:

    • Hot water
    • dipper
    • baby oil/any kind of oil
    • dishwashing liquid
    • shampoo
    • conditioner
    • old plate/ tray (for drying)
Step 1. Gather all your brushes. Pick one brush you can start with, I usually pick the largest brush (w/c is hardest to clean)

Step 2: Put a hot water on the dipper (just enough for the bristles of your brush to be soaked), add a few drops of dishwashing liquid and a few drops of oil.

Step 3: Soak your brush into the solution for several minutes, pressing the bristles to the base of the dipper will make your cleaning faster. Repeat it with the other brushes.
*note: one solution per brush

Step 4: Apply shampoo to the brush, massage it very lightly, then brush it to the palm of your hand in a rotating motion, pressing it once in a while, rinse thoroughly

Step 5: Apply conditioner to the brush, massage it very lightly, then brush it to the palm of your hand in a rotating motion, pressing it once in a while, rinse thoroughly

Step 5: Arrange the brush to the unused plate/ tray. Make sure the brushes are inclined so the water won't get into the neck of the brush, hence, it should go the end of the bristles.

Tip: You can make use of the plastic cover that sometimes comes with the brushes when you first purchase it. This helps taming the bristles of your brush while drying.

Saturday, October 1, 2011
Finding the perfect moisturizer?
I have been looking for the perfect moisturizer for so long... I have a very oily skin and none of the best moisturizers I know worked, til I found my perfect match. Celeteque matte moisturizer with SPF 30 suits my needs perfectly.

I go to work everyday and not to mention walking under the direct sunlight at around 2pm (imagine the harmful sunrays!) so I need not just a moisturizer but a perfect sunscreen protector too!
Below are some of the info about this product.

Availability: I bought this product at Watson's Mall of Asia, so I guess it's available at all watson's outlets out there.
Price: Bought it at 250-ish pesos only
Product: It's in a tube container. Neat. Cream-based. Matte finish (ideal to use under your makeup). Dries out quickly.
Application: Apply it after washing the face. Massage in a circular motion, let it be absorbed by your skin for 20 minutes at least before applying makeup.

Friday, September 9, 2011
Monster Acne!!!
I admit, I don't have a perfect skin, especially after giving birth, I had this acnes all around my face, and worst... it's bigger than my normal acnes (during monthly period).
I have oily skin, it's like I need to use blotting paper every now and then to wipe off the oil then follow a pat of finishing powder. I actually wasn't that conscious about my face since after giving birth I had no time doing beauty regime, so to cut the long story short, my face turned into some kind of a monster (of course w/ exaggeration! lol)
I searched through the internet on how to fix my acne problem, until I saw this exchange forum talking about a toner, involving Eskinol, Dalacin-C capsule, myra-400 E. So i read everything realted to this post, search on other forums, then I tried. I bought the medium size Eskinol, 300mg Dalacin-C, one capsule Myra400E, combined all of them then waited for the Myra400E to dissolve.
*you can also add Squalene (I'm just not sure if it's still available in the market) and Affaxin (I think it's vitamin A)
On my first attempt using the mixed toner, it was cold on the face, a bit stingy but tolerable. One of the users said that it should work within two weeks, so I used it day and night.
One week had past, looking at my skin (poor thing I failed to take pictures) it's a bit better than before, though you can still see some acnes but they don't grow as big as before and they're even lesser. The downside of it is that it leaves a MARK. I had dark acne marks, which I had to conceal everytime.
I used it until I finish the entire bottle, still same result.
I went back to searching the internet, this time on how to lighten my dark spots, then another forum caught my attention, it says there that it would help a lot when you use Eskinol dermaclear C + Myra400E. So currently this is what I'm using for a week now. I bought the 2nd to the biggest bottle of Eskinol and then added one capsule of Myra 400E. I just hope this would do the trick which I am doing for about a week now. Oh! and now I use Let'sFaceit's R&S solution on my acnes- it does wonders! believe me!
I'll be blogging an update on what happened to this newly found beauty regime of mine, I just hope for positive results now! fingers crossed! :)

My first!!!
Soooo this first blog is of course all about ME (who else?) I just gave birth recently, like 4 mos ago, Yay!
I work as a full-time data analyst at an engineering company here in the PI. I love to eat, talk, talk, talk, do my makeup, watch youtube vids, tweet, shop... etc.

Eversince highschool I always have a passion for makeup products until recently I decided to have my own blog (since I can't do the you tube thingy - i'm too shy heheh) so here it is!

I love things on how to make people beautiful, I always believe that everybody's beautiful - some aren't just aware of it, or don't know how to enhance it. Though, true beauty is always from within, of course physical beauty is the first thing to look at, so enhance it lady!

I have nothing against modern science, but for me I prefer using makeup and beauty products first, if that'll do the job why take a risk on surgery (ouch!)

I don't buy expensive beauty products. I'm a MOM now, so the cheaper the better! I hope in this blog I can help lots of women (even MEN) to find their real beauty -- using cheap, affordable products. :) and also, in this blog I will be writing my experiences on successful and failed products I tried, on hauls I will be having, tutorial on how I do my makeup, beauty regime, just everything under the sun!



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